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fire extinguisher
Health & Safety
VR trainings

Increase employee safety and avoid incidents by raising awareness, while enhancing and shortening the training process. All off-site.

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VR trainings

Teach complex processes or equipment by doing. In a natural, but perfectly safe environment, both for the trainee and equipment.

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fork lift

Train logistics specialists in VR, or enhance their day to day routines with a live AR data overlay.

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Whether in education, professional training or specialist support, immersive tech is there for you and your patients.

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Present any variant of any vehicle in a small room. Provide an AR tutorial for it's users, or even take them on a virtual test drive.

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AR Assistant

From smart buildings to a smart environment. Present location-specific warnings, live data and more right on your employee's line of sight.

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Smart badge

All the benefits of our AR assistant in a compact, non intrusive and stylish package. Take your company into the future with out smart badge.

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Take customers on a tour of your premises, even on the other side of the world. Have them arrange a space to their liking on the fly.

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Marketing VR/AR

Promote your products, increase brand awareness, or open a contest with the most eye-catching tech out there!

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Soft Skills
VR trainings

Have your employees practice customer service, interpersonal communication, or learn languages in a life-like environment.

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A fantasy world, roller coaster ride, or maybe a race on magic carpets? Whatever you want to propose to your audience, we are here to help.

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Other VR/AR/MR

We design and create fully immersive VR applications for HTC VIVE, Oculus, Samsung Gear VR, and many other platforms.

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1000 realities is a software studio focused on Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).
We craft fully immersive, interactive applications which will enchant your customers. We create new, mind-blowing realities, where human imagination is the only limit. Our solutions can be applied for endless purposes in many different fields, from virtual visits, marketing, promotion, brand storytelling to HR/employer branding projects and interactive trainings and simulations. We will help you to enhance brand engagement and business-to-consumer interactions, present your project with an amazing sensation of truly ‘living’ the story you find yourself in or create an immersive, super engaging tool for training your employees/engineers.


1000 realities is proud to announce that thanks to the hard work of our awesome team we have won the grand prix for best VR/AR startup held at the European VR/AR congress. Please find our event highlight video here, as well as more info on our Facebook or LinkedIn profiles.

VR customizable interior

In cooperation with Na Niby Studio we have created a framework for customizing furniture and other elements of a virtual environment in real time.

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Need to take employee communication within your company to the next level? Don't want to torture your employees with boring training sessions? Then Blockade is what you are looking for!

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VR Car showcase

Based on interest and feedback from the automotive industry, we are developing an application that lets car dealers cut showroom costs by showcasing cars in Virtual Reality.

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The Magic Carpet

In order to the present the level of immersion and freedom achievable with VR to the general public at trade fairs, we have created an experience that allows the user to fly around a mountain valley on a flying magic carpet.

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VR horror room

In an attempt to meet industry demand, we have developed a framework for rapid creation of customized, fully immersive, interactive fear/escape room experiences.

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Our team

We are a multi-disciplinary, agile team with proven experience in software design and development, 3D graphics and project management. We are all passionate about new technologies and developing solutions that help our customers succeed. We strongly believe in agile principles, customer collaboration and interactions during the cooperation allow us to create a reality you really want.


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Join a passionate team of IT experts developing cutting edge technologies of the future.
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